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O-MB.IN is one of the leading tips provider in India. With an experience of over fifteen years, We have a specialized team of stock market analyst who study market daily, infact minute after minute. We don't mind whether market is bullish or bearish as we know how to deal with both of these in best way. Work as per our strategy and recommendations you will stay in profit.

The company has a strong base of highly satisfied Investors and Trader.

  • Multibagger Calls ( LMB )

    For any investor, buying stocks which can be multibagger are the most attractive option.

    But how does one identify a multibagger? Valuation, a company's fundamentals, a business that promises growth over time, management's integrity, rational allocation of capital etc decide if a stock is of the multibagger variety. If you want a multi bagger, it has to be bought literally free of cost...the purchase price is insignificant to whatever is the expected value in the next 4-5-6 years.

    Our multibagger calls are based on Fundamental and technical basis, To get the Latest Multibagger calls (LMB) for   FREE  

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  • Breakout Information ( FIB )

    Buy low and sell high is the ultimate guide to successful stock investing. It is also the reverse of what many investors do.

    People get excited about what they read and see and want a part of the action. They jump into a stock that is already trading at a premium – they buy high. To avoid this we came out of a unique product called First Information of Breakouts, which helps the investors to know which stocks are going in BUY Zone, at the right time.

    These breakouts calls are given on daily basis. These calls are purely technical and are for delivery based buying only.

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  • Stoploss ( SL )

    Already purchased a stock, unaware of it's TARGET and STOPLOSS, we have a another unique product for you, which let's you know whether to BUY /SELL or HOLD a specific stock. We provide stoploss and target for all the stocks which are traded on BSE. Our targets and stoploss are based for delivery basis only.

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